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Christ Church Clifton
上午 9:00 - 下午 5:00
上午 11:00 - 上午 12:00
在 5 公里內有 1,335 個地點
在 10 公里內有 207 個地點

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Nate Brayne
澳洲利物浦16 則投稿
2019年9月 • 單獨旅行
I visited recently on my last Sunday in the UK, wanting to try an authentic Church of England service. I wad surprised in only positive ways: the Viccar, and congregants were very warm and welcoming, the service was very accessible, plain-language, and spoken (aside from the hymns). The hymns were a healthy mix of older worship (Amazing Grace, for example), as well as some more modern hymns (In Christ Alone, Blessed Be Your Name, etc. The sermon was thoughtful and theologically find, and while it was the third in a series, the Viccar did an excellent job of ensuring the lesson would be accessible to newcomers.

The church and sermon had a strong focus on supporting the community.

The 10am service is not a typical sung or "Book of Common Prayer" CoE service, although I believe there is an 8am service which conforms more to that style, so you might need to try the 8am, the Cathedral, or one of the other local CoE churches if that's what you're after.

The church building is beautiful and bright inside, and well-decorated.
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澳洲雪梨304 則投稿
2016年9月 • 單獨旅行
Built in 1841, this is perhaps one of Bristol's best known churches. Commonly known as the highest point in Bristol's skyline with a steeple at 65 metres (213 ft), it is in reality second to a hospital chimney! Inviting atmosphere upon entry, with a full band rehearsing when I visited. Children are welcome and the church seems well appointed for them.
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Clairy V
Bristol, England, United Kingdom72 則投稿
Beautiful welcoming church, so many activities that go on here, stay and play, preschool, cafe and community groups a plenty! Had such a lovely time here today! I am a Catholic so unlikely to become a regular parishioner here, but anyone in the locality,I would recommend getting involved.
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Derek J
英國布里斯托30 則投稿
2017年3月 • 單獨旅行
I have recently become disabled and it took considerable effort to get to this place. On arrival, I discovered that the meeting, which had been in held in the church in previous years, was moved to the crypt - access was via a set of staris which I couldn'rt manage.
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Jo B
Brisbane, Australia2 則投稿
2013年7月 • 單獨旅行
I attended the church for my cousin's wedding and although it was a hot day and it ended up raining it was still beautiful. The church is magnificent and the service was very uplifting with the band playing.

Because of the rain, we had to do photos inside but the backdrop of the church was quite lovely.

Fntastic location quite close to our accommodation made it very convenient as well.
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15 則投稿
Went to all services on Sunday from 8am nice quite, small common prayer book service. Coffee after and people very friendly. 9.15 service slightly more contemporary but hymns and organ,probably about 150 in congregation. Enjoyable service,word good, people at coffee again friendly, majority of people at this service of a more conservative view. 10.45 service a family service, more contemporary than previous services. full and very proficient worship team, modern worship songs. same word preached as earlier service. about 200 at service plus children. coffee at end of service. people again very friendly, more charismatic probably and defiantly believe in both spirit and word. vicar Paul very friendly too. eve service 6-30 this for the first time ever was led by the youth. fantastic worship team, and these were youth, very anointed, service leading very confident and girls preaching passionate, contagious and real witnesses for Christ and His family the church.most contemporary service and charismatic. if the fire in the youth spreads through this church watch out bristol. would definitely go again worth a visit if in area and you are looking for a church to go to.
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Eve C
英國布里斯托2 則投稿
dogs were off leads and went carzy. i was thre with my friends and it was a great time just to catch up with each others life and have some quality time together.
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英國布里斯托53 則投稿
Very helpful for Atheists to think about their faith.
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澳洲墨爾本12,454 則投稿
2011年8月 • 單獨旅行
Tucked away in Clifton, within an easy walking distance from the Clifton Suspension Bridge, The Christ Church is a fine example of a smaller English church. Perhaps not as dominating as some of the Cathedrals you find dotted throughout England, the Church stands above the local architecture non-the-less. With parkland opposite and an open, green feel atmosphere, the church is worth the short walk from the suspension bridge, but perhaps not worth a journey specifically for itself. Take a look, but only if nearby.
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