St Mark's, the Lord Mayor's Chapel

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St Mark's, the Lord Mayor's Chapel

St Mark's, the Lord Mayor's Chapel
上午 10:00 - 下午 4:00
上午 10:00 - 下午 4:00
上午 10:00 - 下午 4:00
上午 10:00 - 下午 4:00

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英國Filton163 則投稿
Well worth a visit. This unique chapel is almost lostbin amongst the shops. Opposite the council house, it has beaten the drive to lose all our past.
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英國諾丁漢4,819 則投稿
At the bottom of Park St in the area of College Green you can easily miss St Mark's th Lord Mayors Chapel with its marvellous wooden exterior door and carved walls, wasn't possible to inside but it looks worthwhile when it is.
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英國布里斯托335 則投稿
St Mark's is a hidden gem. Many people must walk past the Chapel without ever considering what is behind the doors.

Although the Chapel (currently) is only open for Services and special events, it really is worth a visit.

There is a lot of history to this venue which you can read about when you enter.

My tip is to look at the website before visiting so you know something about the venue - especially the opening hours.
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Rebecca H
7 則投稿
2019年11月 • 好友旅行
I took my mother in law who was visiting from London in here today as she had never been able to see it on previous visits to us. She was blown away by the beauty of it, however the experience was rapidly spoilt by a curt and unsmiling cleric and a woman who we imagined was somehow involved with the chapel. The vicar asked if we were visitors and I politely explained that while I had attended many a candle light carol servive over the years, my mother in law had never been in until today. We were then told in no uncertain and unsmiling terms that vsitors were not permitted and we should leave. I explained that we had seen the sign outside which stated that visitors were welcome at certain times of the day (we were within that time) but were then reprimanded for not noticing the sign beneath it which said visitors were not permitted. The vicar then went on rather pointedly 'Well maybe you should come on a Sunday' My lovely mother in law smiled and explained this wouldn't be possible as she lives in London .. at which point he muttered and turned away. Our visit could have been so much nicer with a few smiles and some common courtesy .. it doesn't take much ! I would also suggest that if they don't want visitors they should remove the sign outside and bolt the doors firmly from the inside. A real shame that a place of such beauty is being spoiled by the rude and unwelcoming few.
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Kimberly Williams
德克薩斯州聖安東尼奧28 則投稿
2019年6月 • 單獨旅行
This is a gorgeous church. Small inside, yet full of detailed woodwork and stained glass. They place plaques around to inform you about the history. The organist began practicing as we walked in which added a lovely touch to our visit as the music was quite moving.

If you enjoy visiting churches, looking at architecture or just want a comfortable place for some quiet reflection, definitely check this place out. We loved it!
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Russ L
英國布里斯托435 則投稿
2019年5月 • 夫妻情侶
This is a wonderful space with a special atmosphere. It would be easy to spend a lot of time contemplating life in the relaxed environment.
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英國Cwmbran585 則投稿
2019年6月 • 好友旅行
Use to be a hospital before it became s church it had nice stained glass windows and a old font? The Mayor has a reserved pew on the front row.
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David M
英國湯頓3,154 則投稿
2018年7月 • 單獨旅行
Like any building of its age there have been changes over the years, but when you step inside and take in the ornate tombs of Bristol Mayors dating back to 1580, the richness of the history here unfolds itself.
Utterly unique and beautifully maintained.
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Peter B
英國克利夫登1,630 則投稿
2018年3月 • 夫妻情侶
Situated on College Green opposite Bristol Cathedral this building is a gem is included on the Sacred Bristol walking tour by the Tourist Information Office guide book.
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英國布里斯托100 則投稿
2018年1月 • 好友旅行
I and my wife are members of Brislington Twalkers, a 'Walking For Health' group in the Brislington Area of Bristol.
Today (4th Jan 2018) saw us visiting a couple of churches in the centre of Bristol.
The first was St Mark's, The Lord Mayor's Chapel on College Green where we were met by the Reverend Harold Stockley Clarke, the Chaplain the the Lord Mayor of Bristol.
Harold spoke at great length on the history of the church, its ties with the Lord-mayorality of the City and how it has changed even since his first appointment there in 1999 (I think).
I used to attend this church many years ago but have only rarely visited in the last 25 years. Harold took us to small chapels that I suspect very few people have ever visited and told us of his plans and desires to properly celebrate the 800th anniversary of the church in 2020.
It was a truly splendid experience and I would LOVE to visit again.
Unfortunately, because of its size, age, and listing status, the church is not as readily accessible as a more modern and larger church. It is accessible to wheelchair users because I have seen them in the church during services.
I do hope my review inspires other people to visit the church and splendour at the history.
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