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5.0 分 (共 5 分)
2024年6月 • 家庭式
I was a bit skeptical about going after reading the reviews and was expecting a half an hour trek from the carpark. It was literally a five minute walk along a lovely windy path with amazing views of the meadows and hall. There was also parking on the road outside the hall. The staff were very welcoming and the hall and grounds were well maintained. My children who are 4 and 8 had the most amazing time and learnt a lot about the hall itself. It's so clever how they made history fun and interactive for children. They particularly loved preparing pretend food in the kitchen, learning about the paintings and dressing up in period clothes. The additions of the photo booth style paintings and disco room were brilliant. They particularly loved sitting down in the library areas and reading books and the interactive cards where you have to spot things in the room. It was nice to be a part of history instead of being told not to touch. The toy museum itself was amazing, especially the space room. There was also lots to do in the courtyard area with lots of outdoor toys, a woodland play area and stunning views of the lake. The food was good quality but as you expect a bit pricey, especially the cold drinks. It was £3.30 for a bottle of water or juice! There is free tap water if you ask though and plenty of picnic benches. They even have an ice cream parlour. I like the addition of the locker room next to the hall so you don't have to carry all your stuff around. We'll definitely be returning again, my children loved it and keep talking about how great it was.
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Carol B
5.0 分 (共 5 分)
2024年6月 • 夫妻情侶
Sunday 2nd June 2024, My husband and I went out for the day to visit Sudbury Hall & National Trust Museum of Childhood at Sudbury in Derbyshire, which is owned by The National Trust. We last visited here six years ago.

As the weather forecast said it would be bright and sunny which it was all day. We arrived and after parking the car we decided to visit Sudbury Hall first and then go round the gardens.

Sudbury Hall is a large, elegant house, which was the home of the ‘Vernon’ family until 1963, when it was gifted to The National Trust due to crippling death duties.

The builder of the hall George Vernon, through a succession of advantageous marriages enabled the legacy of Sudbury Hall to grow and thrive until the nineteen sixties.

The wives of the Vernon family have also left their legacy at Sudbury Hall. Through marriage, these women brought wealth, connections or improved social standing to the family.

George Vernon made the first advantageous marriage which provided him with the funds to build the hall which we see today. In 1660, he married Margaret Onley, with whom he had nine children - six daughters and one son surviving her.

Just one year after Margaret died, George married Dorothea Shirley who through her titled parents provided a higher social standing to the family.

They married in 1676 and had celebrations at nearby Staunton Harold Church. They had two daughters before she died in childbirth in 1680.

When George was 44, he married the 18 year old Catherine Vernon, whose family were successful merchants from London. It was their son Henry who inherited Sudbury.

Henry followed in his father’s footsteps and also married well. His first wife, Anne Pigot, was heiress to property in Shropshire and Cheshire. It was their son who became the 1st Lord in 1762.

Through his first wife, George 2nd Lord, inherited substantial land in Wales, but it was his second wife, Georgiana Fauquier, who was considered a formidable woman; her portrait hangs in the drawing room of Sudbury Hall.

This wealthy trend continued; to bolster the family fortunes and the 7th Lord married an American heiress, Frances Lawrence, whose wealth enabled the building of a new stable block and coach house that we see today. My husband and I found this house fascinating and took lots of photographs of its elegant rooms.

Afterwards, we then for a walk around the lovely gardens with its cupid fountain spraying water into the air and then we found a bench which overlooked the lake and sat in the warm sun and watched swans swimming sedately on the waters. I even found inspiration here as I wrote a poem called ‘Something That Has Been Lost’. We left here when the house closed and went to collect our car from the car park.
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5.0 分 (共 5 分)
2024年6月 • 家庭式
Great place to visit with a big amount of paintings to look at, very stately hall and the national trust volunteers are helpful and provide you with information
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Mario P
5.0 分 (共 5 分)
2024年5月 • 家庭式
Standard national trust property with extra value and entertainment. Loved the free escape room, it was really fun and well thought out. A great day had by us
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2.0 分 (共 5 分)
2024年4月 • 家庭式
I'm writing this as I feel that it needs saying. This feels like a change with good intentions, but which has failed in execution, yet still has a chance to improve.

The good things first: Sudbury Hall remains a nice site (including the village), and always has been; the staff we encountered were great; the facilities were all good; and the Childhood Museum was an enjoyable and fun conversation-maker, as it has been in past visits.

The rest: The hall itself is where the biggest changes have been made, and has been done to encourage and engage children into the realms of history. This is where I feel things have really let the site down however, as it actually misses out on this aim, in favour for what simply feels like a playground in where the parents have gone out for the day and the children have run amok.

To keep things simple:
1) The Great Hall gives you an intro video, but has a rather superficial connection to it becoming a child's house, and doesn't use its setting enough (this really needs to talk about the history more and also be optional, as in its current form is basically a message to tell you to have fun and not touch stuff, which is fine if you've got young ones, but just feels like being spoken down to, even to older children).
2) The Stairwell has been decorated, and is fine, though may not be to everyone's taste.
3) The Saloon has been turned into a dark room with a disco-ball in where you can hardly see or appreciate the plasterwork or paintings within (this should seriously drop the school party feel, and return to being a better-lit room in where people can still enjoy a dance, but also appreciate the actual room too).
4) The Drawing, Library and Talbot rooms have all been kitted out with games and books, which was fine, but again, lacked any connection to Sudbury's history or the teaching of it.
5) The Long Gallery has games and a picture-frame booth which I found to be one of the nicer inclusions, though still lacked any connection or teaching of the hall's history and people. However, the speech bubbles which can be found underneath each picture are both distasteful and out-of-context (think of it as a 10-year-old's take on Love Island, but lacking any wit or satire). These would have been a perfect opportunity to tell people who each picture is of and about them, but as it stands, they simply make redundant jabs and comments about the pictures besides them, feeling disrespectful and a dumbing-down.
6) The Queen's Room was one of the more impressive rooms itself, but felt cluttered with artefacts and interactive games (some of which would be better moved into the long gallery to allow more space in which to move).
7) Many of the rooms have been stripped of the actual reading material that would tell you about them, their features, and their stories and people, or, if they are present, have been relegated to laminated sheets left in dark corners or "out-of-the-way" on seats (which doesn't exactly make it fun for families or historian-buffs to learn). Ideally, each room should still have their information folders/ boards/ pedestals, whatever it may be, that are easily visible for people to read and find out more.

And that's it. The basement was closed, so I cannot talk about that, and thankfully a handful of the rooms have been left untouched.

Overall, it's a change where a lot of money and consultation has clearly been had. But it remains one which feels misspent and misrepresented. Having been a child not all that long ago, even I feel like this is a place in where I would have had fun playing around in at the age of 4-6, but wouldn't have enjoyed it in any other capacity or actually learnt anything. The main Childhood Museum does this much better and manages to be both informative and engaging for children and adults alike; some of the features placed in the hall such as the disco-ball room feel like they would work much better in the museum, leaving the hall free to do its own thing. Perhaps people's comments can be adhered to and constructively taken on board to keep the new take of engagement the Trust has worked on, but also have it's history at the forefront too. But as it stands in its current state, it's one which disappointingly and frustratingly feels disconnected.
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5.0 分 (共 5 分)
2024年4月 • 家庭式
Brilliant place. Visited with our 13 and 18 year old sons. Fun and interactive. I love history and the National Trust - and this was a fresh and exciting experience. I've read elsewhere that some folks see it as 'dumbing down' - but we thought it brought things to life and prompted interesting family conversations.
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4.0 分 (共 5 分)
2024年4月 • 夫妻情侶
Now billed as the Children's Country House, the hall is aimed at children. The interior of the house is still interesting for adults and the captions on the portraits in the long gallery are quite amusing. For those with children there is plenty to do, with books, activities and games. There are some good interiors and some Grinling Gibbons carving to admire. The gardens are nice with a lake and geese. The Alice in Wonderland trail is very good. The Museum of Childhood is interesting telling the story of childhood, working, schooling and play. Car parking is opposite the house
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3.0 分 (共 5 分)
2024年4月 • 家庭式
We've been before, although several years ago, so we were interested to see what (if anything) had changed. Although we came with our two teenagers, we met up with other relatives including younger children.
We knew what to expect with the walk from the car park, which isn't ideal but is what it is. The cafe was very nice and did good food and drinks; but it did seem rather pricey, and was very short on space come lunchtime; and given many of the seats outside aren't covered, this was less than ideal in changeable weather like we had.
The childhood museum is probably the best bit. It's very interesting and well thought -out, with plenty of information and "hands on" activities for children. It felt a bit cramped, but that's due to the layout of the building. The toy section was really, but felt a bit haphazardly set out and some obvious things missed out (Hornby trains? Scalextric?). Also, the "digital play" section was missing with no explanation.
It's the hall that was the strangest and most disappointing. It's marketed and signposted as a "children's country house", which sounds a really interesting idea, breaking away from the stereotypes of stuffy places that are boring to children. But it didn't work that way. Several people have mentioned the strange entrance system (at the very least there should be cover outside for people waiting), and there was really no need for the talk about the "rules" (no eating or drinking; no touching anything that's got a hedgehog symbol on it (a good idea); no going through shut doors). We then got to go through a door into the "house of wonder".
I'm not sure about that title. None of the few rooms we went round were particularly wondrous. Very little was explained at all beyond very broad explanations. There was a "cabinet of wonders" with illustrations of Bible stories on, that was beautiful; but there was no key to what the stories were, or even some form of game to make finding out fun. And this was in a grand bedroom - but who's bedroom, and why was it so grand?
Downstairs was a room that had been used for dancing. This was set up with disco lights, a neon sign and dressing up clothes. There was no real attempt to link dancing then with dancing now (perhaps sheets or even a person teaching people some of the dances of the era). And the fact it was darkened to allow the lights to show meant we couldn't see any of the paintings or gold decorations that, we were told, were beautiful.
Downstairs was perhaps the worst. There was a kitchen, with soft toy foods and so on, and they were popular with the children, which was good. But again, there was no attempt to explain anything, or help children make a connection between food and then and now. This was the "past" section: the "present" was closed off and the future was some huge, blue foam building blocks and some Lego to play with around a (very impressive) Lego model of the hall. What did these have to do with the future, the hall, or anything at all?
We saw very little of the hall; we didn't go near most of the rooms. This was disappointing as it gave no idea of life in the hall or any way for children to engage with this. Which was the problem throughout: it felt like in the rush to make it "interesting", they were afraid of having very much educational. This didn't have to be traditional ways of doing this: I'm sure there are really innovative and exciting ways of doing this that would've made it truly a "house of wonder". This just felt really patronising, as if children can't possibly learn anything about the place and its history and just need to be entertained.
The play area's good. The second hand books etc. shop had a good selection at a good price. I couldn't see a "traditional" National Trust shop, though there may have been one. All in all, it felt like a strange, missed opportunity.
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Midlands UK
4.0 分 (共 5 分)
2024年3月 • 家庭式
We arrived at 11am on Easter Saturday, hoping that we could get parked as we thought it would be very busy as the weather was sunny and warm. There was an Easter trail which we did first with the children. Wellies were definitely need due to all the rain. The egg prize was nicely boxed for the £3 fee.
After that we had lunch from the cafe sat outside. The curry pasties were amazing! Meat ones good as well!
Then we went into the museum. It was quite busy but enough space for everyone. Seeing some exhibits that we still had at home made us feel old!
Time for drinks and a play in the outdoor woodland playground. Nice to see trees to be climbed instead of notices forbidding it!
Then a visit into the hall. We could have spent longer but had to go. On a nice day you could spend all day here with children, going back into the house and museum and back to the play area and bringing a picnic.
I am suprised at the negative reviews. It has been changed to be a child's visitor attraction, although the museum exhibits are of more interest to adults, with a lot of play opportunities for little ones. Adults have to remember this - well done to the national trust for thinking of younger members, after all the kids now will be adult members of the future.
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3.0 分 (共 5 分)
2024年3月 • 夫妻情侶
It's been about 10 yrs since our last visit, and was disappointed yesterday, especially in the garden which looked very run down. I know it's been a very wet and windy winter but compared to other gardens visited recently where there was lots of colourful spring flowers there was no comparison. £24 to non members, I would think, what a rip off.
Great for children
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