La Asuncion de la Nuestra Senora Church

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La Asuncion de la Nuestra Senora Church

La Asuncion de la Nuestra Senora Church
Santa Maria-Burgos Road, Santa Maria, Ilocos Sur, Filippine, Santa Maria呂宋島 菲律賓

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Czar Emmanuel
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2022年1月 • 單獨旅行
This church is on the UNESCO list of four baroque churches of historical and cultural significance in the Philippines (along with the San Agustin Church in Intramuros in Manila, the San Agustin Church in Paoay in Ilocos Norte, and the San Nicolas de Tolentino Church in Miag-ao in Iloilo). To reach the site, which is perched on top of a hill, one would have to climb up an 83-step staircase. However, it's worth the effort. The view from the top is very rewarding. The church is lovely, architecturally speaking, both on the inside and on the outside. I particularly like its external structure, which is made of bricks, with thick walls and a lovely façade. The belfry, detached from the church, is also beautiful. Picture-perfect, I should say.

While the place itself is lovely, it is quite a challenge to locate it. I hope they would put up more signages along the main road passing through the municipality of Sta. Maria to guide those who intend to visit it.
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Marie H
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2016年1月 • 好友旅行
We stopped by when coming from Vigan and it was worthy. The church is huge and beautiful. The bell tower, the statues inside the church, even the tiles. Everything is somehow unique. I really liked it there.
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2015年6月 • 好友旅行
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菲律賓巴石47 則投稿
2015年3月 • 家庭式
La Asunción de la Nuestra Señora Church is located in Santa Maria, Ilocos Sur. It has been designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

It was first built in 1618. A bigger and stronger church was built in 1633, but was demolished between 1646 and 1649 by the governor, Sabini-ano de Lara, because of the Dutch forces who were at war with Spain.

Construction for the present church started in around 1687 and was completed in 1714.

Philippines is generally Catholic country and dates back in the 1500's. So there are a lot of Old churches in the country. This is one of the oldest and historically relevant ones to mention (as being credited by UNESCO). It's a great place to visit for an hour to a couple of hours tops. It's one of the most Photogenic sceneries up North (as they call areas North of Manila)
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澳洲墨爾本16,609 則投稿
2015年1月 • 夫妻情侶
Our driver said that he would take me to a Catholic Church about which I had not commented. Sure enough he held true to his word.

The Church is most impressive with what I counted as 82 steps, but one other source claims is actually 85. It has a belltower with the Church being spacious and as usual cool inside. Being set on a hill with a fortress wall is not typical for Philippines (where the usual practice is for the Church to front the town plaza in the so-called 'poblacion'), unlike Irish Catholics in say Australia who typically chose high point in towns (minus a fortress wall, of course) for the Catholic Churches in the Great Southern Land.

The Santa Maria Church honours Our Lady of the Assumption. There is a lot of Marian devotion in Philippines.

There were quite a few visitors even at 1600 on a very, very warm weekday afternoon including many young people.

I liked the plaque at the entrance to the Church. Please donate, as upkeep is expensive.
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菲律賓馬尼拉236 則投稿
2014年1月 • 家庭式
Hilltop location, up 80+ steps or the easy way by car via a back road, this church and leaning tower are worth a short stop if you are traveling north to Vigan or as part of a day trip from Vigan along with the fantastically impressive Pinsall falls a few km away. Very photogenic tower especially at dawn or dusk for the best lighting.
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