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加州舊金山186 則投稿
5.0 分 (共 5 分)
2024年6月 • 單獨旅行
Do a day tour. It is stunning. Your naturalist will give you a land tour a snorkeling. There are blue footed boobies, lava arches— truly an otherworldly landscape— and amazing snorkeling with turtles, seahorses, marble rays, other rays(I forgot the names), sharks, puffer fish. Brithany tours was great.
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singapore275 則投稿
5.0 分 (共 5 分)
2024年1月 • 好友旅行
My second visit to Los Tundele’s. Have enjoyed the visit to this unique space. IG is amazing to see how these tunnels were formed and the marine life one can see there Apart from the bird life and land life the sea life and snorkeling was fantastic.
Highly recommended and a boat to Isabela is incomplete without a visit here
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Just Joe
加州納帕203 則投稿
5.0 分 (共 5 分)
2024年1月 • 單獨旅行
Best tour on ALL the islands. Recommend booking via ISATOUREX in Isabela, they were flawless. Included hours of quality snorkeling, boating, swimming, hiking, gear, lunch, guide, tour. TONS of wildlife, and close-up. Snorkeled through caves & tunnels , swam with many fish, sharks, turtles, penguins, sea lions, marine iguanas. Guide Glenda was great and took many photos & videos and air-dropped 80+ to all of us, for free. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!
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Brendan S
維吉尼亞州阿靈頓2,097 則投稿
5.0 分 (共 5 分)
2023年12月 • 單獨旅行
This was the single best activity I did in a week in the Galapagos. It started with a speedboat ride out to snorkel among the rocks where I swam with sharks and sea turtles and many tropical fish and even an octopus. Penguins stood on nearby rocks. Then it was off to the Los Tuneles formations themselves, which are hundreds of lava tunnels and bridges with cacti and nesting boobies on top and sea turtles and sea lions swimming beneath. I have seen many volcanic formations but none like these before. Finally, the boat went to Union Rock, an isolated outcropping in the sea where Nazca and Blue-Footed Boobies roost and sea lions rest while waves crash relentlessly against the rock. This was an awesome day trip that highlighted the best of the Galapagos.
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Katie M
華盛頓州西雅圖13 則投稿
5.0 分 (共 5 分)
2023年11月 • 單獨旅行
I went to Los Tuneles with a few outfits, Rosedelco was by far my favorite for this site! They got me on penguinos, eagle rays, multiple seahorses, octopuses,golden rays, marble rays, a b’zillion turtles. It’s tricky getting in and out of the last bay when it’s bumpy out there. It wasn’t as easy as the captain made it look! The guide goes out there every day so knows where all the good creatures are.
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meg bb
29 則投稿
5.0 分 (共 5 分)
2023年11月 • 單獨旅行
Amazing experience. Booked via agency opposite Galapgos best hostel. Good sized group. Captain and tour guide both great. Saw seahorses, sharks, tortoises, loads of fish and sting rays. Also saw blue footed booby birds and a baby that had just hatched. So incredible to see.
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巴西里約熱內盧100 則投稿
5.0 分 (共 5 分)
2022年10月 • 好友旅行
It's difficult in the Galapagos to say which is the best tour or the most incredible island.
But this geological formation, with the volcanic lava spilling into the sea in the form of tunnels worn down by the action of the water, is incredible.
Very friendly(?) sharks share the spaces with you, just a few meters away.
Without forgetting to mention the beautiful walk between Isabela and Los Tuneles.
Apparently it is a prohibited tour for tourists, but the Ecuadorian coast guard certainly turns a blind eye to this prohibition.
There were only 2 boats visiting this day and few people in total. Ensuring tranquility for visitors and nature.
I highly recommend visiting and take your masks and duck feet
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英國南希爾茲1,767 則投稿
5.0 分 (共 5 分)
2023年6月 • 夫妻情侶
Boat trip from Puerto Villamil, the journey was very choppy and took approximately 45 minutes. We landed next to the volcanic/lava arches were we had a 30-40 minute walk across the rugged terrain. From here we saw the blue footed boobies who were undeterred by our presence.
It was then another short boat ride and we donned our snorkelling gear and we were led out by our guide, here we were lucky to see sharks, turtles, seahorses, ray's and various other species of fish.
On the rocks between our snorkelling we came across numerous penguins, the furthest north these creatures can be found.
This trip was booked via G Adventures and the only downside was the "lunch" which consisted of a sandwich and a cup of juice and for those unfortunate enough to be vegetarian they were given a cup of tinned fruit cocktail which they had to drink as there was no cutlery provided with which to eat it. This trip cost $150 per person.
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Boston126 則投稿
5.0 分 (共 5 分)
There are no words. 45 minute boat ride, bit rough but we knew that. Rugged terrain, beautiful water, (warm for us New Englanders) first rock formation introduced us to penguins, sea lions, blue footed boobies & nazca boobies from the boat. We got off the boat and onto the otherworldly lava to see the blue footed boobies up close - watching the turtles swim by. Then we went snorkeling with the turtles, sharks, colorful fish, seahorses, etc……amazing, our boat captain brought lunch (rice, fish & veggie) which was welcome 🤗. Wonderful experience,
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英國鄧弗姆林1,353 則投稿
4.0 分 (共 5 分)
I didn't personally do the snorkel at Los Tuneles but my fellow travellers gave it an 8 out of 10 as there was much to see. That said, they gave Kicker Rock trip a 10 as the water was even clearer.
Despite not going in the water I did still see many rays, a sea turtle, dolphins and a baby penguin that all came over or under the boat while i was waiting. A pleasant surprise. Our crew also took the boat out a bit further to where they had spied a small colony of Galapagos penguins which would good of them to accommodate me.
A great trip - saw loads of boobies on the way out too.
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