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Dancing Ledge




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Finns C
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4.0 分 (共 5 分)
2023年9月 • 家庭式
We’ve been a couple of times and absolutely love it here.

The first time was dry and much easier to climb down. The second was slightly more slippery.

Parking: Spyway National Trust carpark

Getting there: a relatively short walk across some fields, down a steep hill, then down some cliff steps and a climb down rocks to get to the pool. This can be precarious! We did it with our children 6 and 10 and dog… care must be taken getting down and it’s not for anyone with mobility issues!

Best to go: low tide on a dry day!

The pool is incredible to swim in.

Must haves: Aqua shoes

Warning: the second time we went in I got stung by a snakelock anemone. If swimming it’s fine as aqua shoes are a good barrier. I leant up against the sea side of the pool though and felt an instant sting! The burning sensation lasted all day, and I’m now left with an anemone sting scar under the skin…

We followed the advice of washing it in sea water, soaking it for 30 mins in hot water when home, applying hydrocortisone and taking antihistamine/ pain killers!

Overview - stunningly beautiful but precarious with some potent anemones for those who dare to swim!
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全球27 則投稿
5.0 分 (共 5 分)
This is a beautiful treasure on the Jurassic Coast. One can walk from Dancing Ledge into Swanage or along the coastal paths. It provides the most stunning view of the clear waters - definitely worth visiting.
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Sarah M
Bristol, England, United Kingdom9 則投稿
3.0 分 (共 5 分)
2023年7月 • 好友旅行
Motivation to go here is justified as it is a splendid site and experiencing a dip in the sea pool was definitely worthwhile. But, be warned; describing the access and egress to the sea pool is absolutely NOT 'a bit of a scramble'. It's risky and needs rock climbing skills that not all will have. Myself and companion needed help from a person below to get down the last 6ft of the near vertical rock face as there were no clear holds. Getting back up almost defeated me but I was, luckily, helped by someone who found and guided my first foothold and stopped me from slipping until I was able to get a decent hand hold above and drag myself up. So very grateful but amazed at the, IMO, casual use of the phrase 'bit of a scamble'. Hope this helps others be prepared with a back up plan, just in case!
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Matt S
英國斯沃尼奇30 則投稿
5.0 分 (共 5 分)
We went coasteering down here and will definitely be going back. A bit of a walk down (and trek back up) a big hill but definitely worth it for the rugged rocks you can jump off and the caves you can explore
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4.0 分 (共 5 分)
2022年8月 • 家庭式
Absolutely stunningly beautiful place BUT my son got stung by what we believe is snakelocks sea anemones! He got out of the water with intense stinging pain on his foot and his stomach!
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英國Hampshire330 則投稿
5.0 分 (共 5 分)
2020年8月 • 家庭式
We came here for the morning. Parked in the car park and walked down to Dancing ledge. The hill is steep so you need to be prepared for the walk down and up. When you arrive at the old quarry you can navigate the cliff down onto dancing ledge. This is a great place to swim in the safe natural pool. We did manage to navigate down with two small children passing one child to the other adult etc it is a little tricky but it can be done if you take your time. We had lunch sat on the ledge looking out to see, it’s such a beautiful spot. Lots of climbers to watch and some crazy people jumping off the cliffs into the sea! Really recommend this place to visit if you are in the area. You can park at Durlston country park and walk to dancing ledge also this is much further walk of around 2.5 miles than parking in the National trust car park.
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英國倫敦48 則投稿
5.0 分 (共 5 分)
This is a must-see place to visit if you are in the area. If you're walking the Jurassic Coast, spare an hour to walk down to the old quarry and admire the scenery. If you are up to scrambling down to the wave-cut platform (and up again) you can brave a dip in the pool. Otherwise grab a suitable rock to sit and take a breather.

For those who want a shorter walk, you can drive to Langton Matravers and head to Spyway where there is an NT carpark (pay and display). It's a 40 minute stroll past the barn. Follow the signs for 'Dancing Ledge'. The return leg is quite steep but manageable.
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英國Ferndown87 則投稿
4.0 分 (共 5 分)
Not only a beautiful place but also historic regarding the quarrying for stone. Be prepared for some steep hill climbing if you want to visit the best parts. Read up about this place before going.
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英國英格蘭5,996 則投稿
5.0 分 (共 5 分)
As NT members we parked for free at Spyway (beware though this is a very small car park)
Walked through the fields & bridleways down to Dancing Ledge.
Spent a while there exploring & watching the rock climbers.
We continued on a circular walk to Worth Matravers before finishing back at Spyway car park (Langton Matravers)
Whilst its not a difficult walk some of it was a bit tricky due largely to the wet weather we've had making it very wet to walk.
Some spectacular views & was also a very very peaceful walk.
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Neil D
英國布蘭德福德福魯姆11 則投稿
4.0 分 (共 5 分)
2020年1月 • 單獨旅行
Durleston all great..some of paths closed due to improving area.. very muddy and difficult walk to dancing ledges..and have to go through 3 fields with a lot of cattle interested in your steps. Alittle bit intimidating when on your own. The walk into matravers has a very big steep hill. But if you stop every so often not really a problem..
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