Darwin Falls
Darwin Falls

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Matthew J
加州普安那公園549 則投稿
We had to drive 60 miles from our airbnb to get to Darwin Falls, but we are glad that we made the trek. Darwin Falls is located near the western edge of Death Valley National Park. When our car pulled up to the "road" that led to the trailhead, I saw the twenty feet of dry creek bed that we had to cross in our 2 wheel-drive low-clearance sedan. I cried, "We are not going to drive over that!" Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately), my stubborn wife was at the wheel. Since she LOVES waterfalls, she ignored my cry and drove on. After a scary 30 seconds crossing the very rough terrains of the dry creek bed, we drove another 15 minutes (2.5 miles) on a very bumpy gravel access road.

After parking the car, we followed the path of the water to find the gorgeous waterfall. The entire hike was 2 miles, out and back. It was quite exciting to first find a trickle of water, then more and more volume of water that ended in a waterfall with actual water falling (in the middle of a huge desert)!

You will most likely get your shoes and socks wet during this hike. There is no way to avoid the water on this trail. If you like waterfalls and are not faint-hearted, then do not skip this hike. It is worth it!
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Justin P
卡羅萊納州羅利4,497 則投稿
Darwin Falls is a 18-foot spring-fed waterfall in the western part of Death Valley National Park near Panamint Springs. The access road from CA-190 is a rough gravel road and best with high clearance. From the small trailhead, the trail leads up Darwin Wash. Initially, the hike is through desert and doesn't seem like there should be a waterfall. About a half-mile into the hike, there will be a little bit of water and start to see more vegetation. Soon, there are willow trees and a flowing stream. The trail ends at the scenic little waterfall that flows year round. The spray from the falls allows ferns and other greenery to grow all around the falls and makes a beautiful oasis. We really enjoyed this hike and it was very unique to hike to a lush oasis in Death Valley.
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Juanita W
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I didn't expect to get my feet wet hiking in the desert. This easy hike was unlike any other we experienced in Death Valley. The vegetation was beautiful.
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2021年7月 • 家庭式
So glad we seen the previous reviews and made the decision to hike to the waterfall! We went July 25, 2021. Truly an oasis in the desert. Hiked with my mom and my 7 year old twins. There is an area where we needed a rope to help us climb up a rock (it is already there for you to use). The shade was a pleasant relief from the summer heat. It was 120 that afternoon. The unpaved road is bumpy... just drive slow. The hike to the falls is about a mile, I think. Absolutely beautiful. You won't regret this!
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Michelle B
加州洛杉磯171 則投稿
The dirt road to get to the trailhead is bumpy but any sedan should be able to make it just fine. Go slowly. It's a 2 mile round trip and in April there was water flowing. About half of the hike is in the shade of trees growing by the stream that is fed by the falls. It's really a waterfall!
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Sondra W
加州曼哈頓海灘633 則投稿
This is at the entrance to the park when coming from the Ca side. It is the perfect way to get warmed up for the Valley! The road is not marked well and is a dirt road for 2.5 miles. The trail itself is lovely. The canyon has been carved out by nature, and you get to witness up close and personal the water's magic in moving through granite rock. The trail itself has a couple of balancing acts to cross over the river, so be prepared! The waterfall at the end is pretty amazing when you think how dry Death Valley is. Definitely a great way to kick off the trip!
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加州7 則投稿
Hard to imagine something like this exists in the middle of DV. Nice hike, beautiful area and a shirt distance from a great campground, Panamint Springs Resort
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Dhruven Vora
加州聖荷西20 則投稿
This is the only place in valley where you get natural access to fresh water and a lot of green. Its a great hike but Oct is not the best month imo to visit the falls. (Very less water)
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愛爾蘭都柏林19 則投稿
2020年2月 • 夫妻情侶
You have to really be looking for the turn of or you will miss it. If you get to the pizza/bar heading east, you just missed it. Turn around and go back, it is well worth it. Take water and a small snack to enjoy when you get there. You will come upon a small falls and will think you are there...you are not. Keep walking and you will be rewarded. It is a beautiful site in such a desolate area.
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華盛頓州塞奎姆73 則投稿
Driving the main road thru DV, one comes across an east gravel access road to Darwin Falls. It’s nice to have an uncrowded spot to get out and walk to the falls. I wouldn’t call it a hike, since it is mostly flat and very easy...but one is rewarded with a pretty fall coming from underground springs, and it’s a good place to stretch legs and enjoy a different part of DV.
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