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Gig's Jam Club


49/40 Moo 7, Sai Nam Yen, 奈涵拉歪普吉府 泰國

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Stephan H
泰國普吉府17 則投稿
Gig's Jam Club
Nai Harn
Not existing anymore
This jamclub is not existing anymose since years.
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英國劍橋105 則投稿
Gigs jam bar is now closed,on our visits in 2015 the bar was shut on a couple of our visits but good on the days when they decided to open but on our visit last week it was closed with a sign outsid eindecaiting it was unlikely to open again as gigs jam bar,hope this saves someone a wasted visit like we had.
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Noel C
紐約州紐約市44 則投稿
I am not really sure how to describe the night i had at this club and in the company of the owner Gig Warunee, but please bear with me and i will try. I had heard of Gig (pronounced more like Kik) from Youtube if you want a taste of her talent I encourage you to check out Thailand got talent- whats going on, so I arranged to go see her perform at her new club in Rawai. I was staying in Patong for 10 days I reached out to them on their Facebook site and they replied back that Gig would be there on the following Wednesday. Rawai is about a 15 minute taxi ride from Patong, the hotel arranged a taxi, called the club, got directions for the taxi driver, who found it without any problems. the taxi cost 600 bhat, around 16usd. We arrived at the club at 10pm and Gig was already on stage the front of the club is open aired so my self and friends choose to sit outside where we still had a great view. After her set Gig came over to the tables and spoke to the people there and when she got to our table I told her I was a big fan and she sat with us and chatted until she had to go back on stage. When her next set was finished she again came to our table and spent more time with us. After her 3 set she came over and told us that she was only on until 12 that night as she was heading into Phucket town to another club, where she was having a session with the 2nd place winner from Thailand Got Talent 2014 and asked us if we would like to come along we immediately agreed and Gig then informed us that she would drive us there herself and that we were not to worry that she would drive us back to our hotel at the end of the night. My 2 friends and I had at least 3 drinks.. I may have a 4th ans after 2 hours our total tab came to $35, a great price. Gig drove us to the other club where the 3 of us ate dinner and drank some more and had an absolutely great time. Total tab approx $50 at the end of the night Gig..true to her word drove us back to our hotel in Patong Gig Warunee is a fantastic performer and a absolutely awesome person, I wish i had gone to see her as soon as i arrived so I could have returned and seen her on more nights. If you are anywhere on Phucket, take the time out....go have some fun, listen to a great singer wont be disappointed.. believe me.. i will be coming back from New York to hear her sing adain..besides shes just a really nice persom too..
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英國普雷斯頓152 則投稿
This bar only opens on a Wednesday Friday and saterday but is a must for anyone in the vicinity , gig was a X factor finalist for Thailand and she encourages people to get up and sing or play an instrument , she has different bands playing on these occasions but they can always jam to your song, if you are a karaoki singer or a professional singer who can hold a note ,then you are welcome to get up and do a spot, also the beer and wine is at a reasonable price
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丹麥哥本哈根5 則投稿
Jeg og min hustru var ude og gå en aften tur da vi hørte musik omkring hjørnet og vi blev nysgerrige og gik der hen for at lytte. Det var Gig´s der var på senen og hun havde en utrolig stemme og vi besluttede os at blive der resten af aftenen.
Vi kan varmt anbefale at besøge Gig´s Jam Club.
Det er også et besøg vær at gå på YouTube og høre Gig´s

Keld & Urszula Gissemann, Denmark
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Phuket8 則投稿
good place good live music and tasty food
And her owner Gig her amazing voice as her get win Got talent in Thailand in 2012
She r nice lady and good take care customer
U will happy when u come Gig jam club.
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Warunee S
7 則投稿
This place is fantastic the owner, Gig Warunee she was a unique habits and quality. Every Thursday is jam musicians from many countries.Every Saturday fantastic Thai band Play a variety of music delicious food good place to enjoy.
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William K
挪威Harstad12 則投稿
This is an absolutely fantastic bar / live music venue / Jam Club. This place made our stay in Phuket such a great experience!

First I must mention the owner, Gig. An absolutely amazing lady with a great personality and a singing voice that is absolutely mindblowing. She came close to winning Thailand's got talent 2012, and in my opinion she should have won. And she also has a staff that is a pure delight. They are very nice from you from the moment you enter, and they serve you quickly and always with a smile.

They have very nice live music, and the bands that play there are so good that you just want to come back and hear them perform again. Gig also performs with them often, making the experience even more perfect. And if you dare you can also sing karaoke there when the band is not playing. You might even be allowed to jam with the band that performs because they are such nice guys.

The drink menu is great, and the prices are low. They also serve snacks and light meals.

If you live anywhere in the area around this place I really reccommend you go there and experience it for yourself. If not you are missing out on a really great place to enjoy yourself. I would even reccommend going there if you don't live very close, it's worth it!
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挪威奧斯陸13 則投稿
This little bar in Rawai is quite new. The owner, Gig Warunee, from Thailands Got Talent, opened it around 4 months ago. But it's a great place to spend the evening!

There's possibilities for karaoke Tuesdays and Thursdays, and there's live bands playing Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays. Sundays they're closed. They have good drinks, good atmosphere, good music. Gig herself is singing too, and my, she has a fantastic voice!

Me and my group spent a LOT of time here during our visit, and this is a place we long to get back to! Never forgotten, and greatly recommended to all who visit the area. Gig's Jam Club made many late evenings something they would never have been without such a wonderful place. Great fun!
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