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BOOKANYWHERE provides one of the worst services in the GOA. I am still waiting for my SCUBA videos.
SCUBA Diving: Mentions 15mins but hardly takes 2-3mins and the depth you go is not even a meter, you will be visible to people in the boat.
Paragliding: By time you realize you are flying, you are already pulled back on to the boat.
Other activities: Should I even mention.
Overall it’s a waste of money.
Hidden charges: SCUBA costume 300 per person (which is our choice, but the instructor ensures that we are taking them by warning about our safety and for the depth that they take, you don’t even need Oxygen masks), couple video during SCUBA 400, Dip during paragliding 400.

The actual story is a follows:
Been to Goa around 1st week of February 2021 where SCUBA activity was planned from bookanywhere, on the day of activity, a bus was arranged and we were dropped at the shore. Boarded the boat which is completely packed, you get to travel with ~30-40 people where you will be taken into the Sea which is a ride of 40mins and on the…..
1. Dolphin sightseeing: May be we have seen hardly 2-3 Dolphins and they are in a hurry to get us to SCUBA, they won’t even let you even see them properly.
Then we move on to SCUBA spot: They take you to most pathetic place, a place close to shore where the overall depth is hardly 10feet (these people forgot to mention that “the images on their website are only for advertisement and not a reality).
2. SCUBA: After paying the hidden charges you get to go for the dive with an expert who doesn’t even wear oxygen mask, of course why does he need Oxygen mask all he does is stay afloat and pushes us little deep into water by holding us and after couple of minutes you are out of the water and are asked to stay in the boat for few hours as they have to complete the activity for rest 30-40 people who have come with you in the same boat. In this the slot a short video is taken.
After waiting for over 1hr, when the activity is about to get over, you have one more boat coming in carrying 30-40 people to whom SCUBA is planned from our boat and then comes one more boats, so a total of ~100 people SCUBA activity is planned from our boat and you have to be in the same place for over 3-4 hours.
I was so frustrated and called the booking agent and reported the situation and sent pics, to which I was informed that another boat would be arranged and was also asked to call coordinator, but to of no use.
3. The 5 complimentary activities: It’s a trap……. Paragliding, Speed boat, banana ride etc that were mentioned are for show off, you hardly even feel that you have taken the ride. Not even worth of talking and don’t forget you have to wait for your turn as it is a group that you have gone with.
The fun and frustrating part:
I was behind this agent who made the bookings throughout the trip (during SCUBA, paragliding) asking to cancel the trip as it wasn’t worth and there was no satisfaction and I was kept on informed that other boat is on the way which didn’t happen. Once I was back at the hotel I got a call informing that money would be refunded and then one more call from the boat person to know the problem and then there was no response. I was so frustrated and tried to make an official complaint at their office and to my surprise there is no office at the address they have mentioned on their website. I called the booking agent multiple times enquiring about their office and I was kept on informed that the office exists and inspite of me vising that place multiple times the office doesn’t exist and now after over a money there was no money refunded and the worst part they haven’t even sent me the videos. Multiple complaints, multiple calls and no resolution, they have even blocked my number both on whatsapp and calling. I keep using various numbers to reach out to them and they mention that issue is being looked in and the booking agent will get back (which doesn’t happen) and the last call I made, I was informed that because of my complaint I won’t get my videos and that it is my fault that I couldn’t enjoy and should have reported it during the trip and not after going back to hotel.

The rating that you see on their website are predefined and you don’t get to give them feedback.
Don’t book anything from them, you get excellent condition Scooty for 300 anywhere in Goa and their price is 800.
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There were many prying eyes. Wish rose eyes went on to clean the beach. But no. Avoid this filthy beach.
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Book scuba diving tarkarli package from bookanywhere.in. diving experice was amazing. good place.. went to shivaji fort after dive. water sports activities was also good. bookanywhere team help us to select best package. did many activities in less price.
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印度Osargaon7 則投稿
Its combination of Peace and Fun. There are locations on beach where you can sit peacefully. Also those who want to chill you can opt for water sports . There are not much but few good food options available at beach.
We spotted one fast food truck on beach and could enjoy evening coffee with french fries watching Sunset.

We visited on 1st Jan hence it could be bit crowded hence there was long waiting period for sports activities.

Just to share if you go for parasailing and want video shoot please ensure you have someone (co-tourist) do it on your mobile as well even if you opt for paid Video done by operator as we have seen sometimes their camera's fail to capture videos which you get to know post activity. They can give you refund (only video charges) but not video.

Have Fun. Can not compare with Goa but you must keep exploring options.
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Akshay Mehta
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2020年10月 • 家庭式
Loved the sound made by the waves. It felt very calming. The water was clean too. One can see the Sindhudurg fort from the beach.
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印度諾伊達8 則投稿
2019年11月 • 好友旅行
Tarkarli Beach is very clean and under water life is amazing!! I have experienced with Gomantak Scuba. They are the only PADI certified scuba dive center in Malvan. Great experience!!
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Shivi G
印度孟買46 則投稿
Beaches seems to be clear, there are a few more secluded ones which you can visit. There are water sports as well. I'm not saying do not go to Goa but do visit Tarkali as well.
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Ian H
英國伊斯特本2 則投稿
A long expanse of sand with a backwater running behind, a sleepy location where tourism is still low key Unspoilt little hamlets and villages with ever so friendly locals. Great location for body surfing or belly boards would be good for skip boarding but alas you're unlikely to find anyone who knows what they are
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Amit Pednekar
印度Dombivli17 則投稿
One of the cleanest and safest beach in Konkan.
Lots of resorts / home stays available along the beach from Wayari to Devbag.
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great to do activities and photoshoot for some special moments.watersports and tsunmi island to hangout.
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