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Rupin Pass


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sandeep k
印度瓦拉納西251 則投稿
It's very wonderful nature we treak here very and enjoy here full masti with friend.
It one of the best place here to enjoy.
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abhishek mitra
印度班加羅爾39 則投稿
Rupin pass trek is a really beautiful and wonderful trek. This was an amazing experience. Starting from Sewa, this trek route has to offer so many different landscapes that you'll always be surprised at the next turn. I loved it.
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印度麥羅肯機592 則投稿
It’s a high pass which connects Sangla valley of Kinnaur with Chansal valley of Shimla . It’s a high pass that can he crossed only from June to October depending on the weather conditions
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Mohit M
印度西姆拉786 則投稿
Done Rupin pass trek in the month of sep,2018. It's a high altitude trek located in Himachal Pradesh.
We starts from Shimla and drive till bhauta village located in Dodra & Kwar group of Villages via rohru, Chirgaon and chansal pass. We started our trek from bhauta village on next morning. We stayed 1 night at Bhauta village at home stay, the Jakha village in homestay, dhandares thach( lower waterfall campsite) in camps moved to upper waterfall camp site for next night stay. From upper waterfall campsite we trek till Ronti gad crossing Rupin pass for night stay. This day was the most challenging day of this trek. The mighty Kinner Kailash ranges are visible from Rupin pass. Rupin pass is at an altitude of 4650 mtrs from sea level.
We opt for a 7 days plan to complete the trek. The trek ends at Sangla in Kinnaur.
Very beautiful and challenging trek. Will recommend but suggest come prepared.
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Devansh A
印度海德拉巴63 則投稿
It is a hard trek, initially there is a route as the days go by the trail disappears, and the last days the view is so freaking amazing the mountains, the show , the forest and the stars in the night sky was bliss you can actually see the Milky Way because of the remote location of the trek. The altitude will make you suffer a little but I would do this sane trek again for sure
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印度班加羅爾644 則投稿
My wife and I did this trek through 'India Hikes' and we were part of a twenty member group. It was a 9 day long trek and we started on 17th June 2018.
The trek was supposed to start in a village called 'Daula' in Uttarakhand, but due to some mishap at another peak in Uttarakhand the government had stopped trekking activities at that point. We then had to travel by vehicle to a village called Jiskun in Himachal Pradesh and we started the trek from there.
The trek is considered as moderately difficult and beginners should surely do basic physical preparation before attempting this trek.
The trek is really beautiful and the landscape changes many times during the course of the trek. We did not get much snow which was a bit disappointing but the greenery during the trek was really breathtakingly beautiful.
The trek ends at a town called Sangla, which has decent restaurants and hotels.
Overall the trek experience was amazing.
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pune240 則投稿
Rupin Pass is a trek that is an high altitude teak and classified as difficult one, it involves 70+ Kms of distance to be covered in 7 days with with starting altitude of about 6000 and peak altitude of about 15500 feet.

We did it with a group Yuvashakti. Trek starts from Dhaula, it was quite hot there and we had a good arrangment (relative term) from GMVN. Next stop was Seva, this was a relatively short trek and stay was home stay. The local are very good and kind, he offered us the local cherries from the treak and a few other fruits, certainly a delight.
The Third day was a demanding day with we stay being at Jhaka and again we had a home stay here as well.
Jhaka is at quite an altitude, and yo would only be surprised to see this place and altitude people have to climb. We had the owners kid as a giode how took us around the village and it also served as aclimitisation walk.

The next day was a moderate day with the halt being at Bhuraskandi. Very beautiful view all along and then the stay at this place itself is very scenic. Stayed in tents and there on.
Day Five at Dhanras or Lower Waterfall as they also call it. This is a very beautiful and scenic place with the mountains forming a horse shows and waterfalls on all sides. ITs mesmerizing.
Day Six was Rata Feri (beyond Upper waterfall). This trek to RataFeri is demanding for the altitude gain, snow climb and the vertical climb involved.
ITs very beautiful be there on the top, quite and no one around. Most of the other trek groups stay at upper water fall. During the season there are around 200 people at this place.
Day Seven is the summit day and this is very challending due to the snow climb inolved and the lose rocks at the pass making it risky for the others in the trail.
Once at top susebtly the fun begins, you slide down and have a great time as to descend.
Day Eigth at Sangla to conclude the trek.

All in all its an wonderful trek. lots of scenaries around, waterfalls , medows and it all.
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馬來西亞吉隆坡139 則投稿
Rupin Pass (4,650m) has been a traditional shepherd trail that connects Garhwal of Uttarakhand to Kinnaur of Himachal Pradesh.

A easy/moderate trek suitable for anyone who have the determination to walk for approximate 4-6 hr daily over proper trail in general, with exception of the “summit” day which may take about 7-9hr depends on one’s fitness. The last steep ascend to the pass could likely be the most challenging part of the entire trek for many, but anyone can easily complete the climb in slow & steady pace. Important to regulate the breathing steadily & do not rush the way up. You will be just fine

Overall, no part of this trek is too difficult nor technical as long as one has the determination to complete the trek. A trek for everyone!
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印度普納141 則投稿
We went to rupin pass , a high altitude trek through TTH (an agent) . The trek goes through villages, forests, meadows, villages and finally through a pass used by shepherd. It does not require technical training but it is considered "difficult" for amateurs . This is one of famous trek that can be done in himalayas
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印度加爾各答322 則投稿
Rupin Pass is a high altitude pass across the Himalaya mountain range which connects Uttarakhand with Himachal Pradesh. it is a traditional shepherd route which starts from Dhaula in Uttarakhand and ends in Sangla in Himachal Pradesh. The path itself is located across mostly uninhabited areas in the Himalayan ranges at an elevation of 15,250 ft.
We trekked for 7 days in May 2016 from Dhaula and were guided by george singh negi, a young chap located in jhaka village.
upper waterfall just below the river is a great experience within the meadows. one can also go till upper waterfalls during high monsoon.
if you want to trek this route contact for detailed itinerary and other details.
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