Mukteshwar Inspection Bungalow

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Mukteshwar Inspection Bungalow

Mukteshwar Inspection Bungalow

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印度新德里238 則投稿
If you have nothing to do in Mukteshwar and coming for workcation or staying for longer periods then you can visit this place.
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Ras Behari Das
印度諾伊達29 則投稿
Had gone there to photograph Himalaya range.
IB is located at a very strategic place. Looked neat but lot of construction work was going on because of non=peak season.
Corbett cottage was neat though the original look has been covered by new plaster.
View of the range is fantastic. Managed to take a lot of photographs because of the clear sky
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21 則投稿
Just a small open area in front which they call garden. Very poorly maintained. The view is supposed to be good but when we visited there was haze from a forest fire. The bungalow itself is just a small place. Mukteshwar has many other more beautiful old buildings but this not one of them. Maybe some decades back it would have been a great place but not now.
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印度Aligarh13 則投稿
The place provides a good view of the snow-covered peaks. The garden is poorly maintained. Parking can be a problem in tourist season. The bungalow itself has a beautiful colonial feel to it.
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Pankaj Toppo
印度戈剛56 則投稿
2019年11月 • 好友旅行
To be frank I have lost count of how many times I have been to Mukteshwar post 2000. The last time I visited this lovely place was in November 2018. While there are many place worth visiting in Mukteshwar but inspection bungalow and the little open patch of land infront of it is truly the jewel in the crown. It is the best place to watch the sunrise and sunset in the midst of the mighty peaks of the Himalayas. Infact you can spend the whole day in the lawns of the inspection bungalow. Now the interesting part. Did you know that Jim Corbett, stayed in this bungalow when he had come to Mukteshwar to shoot the Champawat man eating tigress. Further parts of the old bollywood movie Masoom was shot in these very lawns. A part of the song "tujhse naarz nahin zindagi" was shot here. Lastly a few kilometres before the inspection bungalow, at Sargakeht, you can view the Annapurna group of peaks in Nepal from Mukteshwar. Yes you heard it right you can views peaks of Nepal from Mukteshwar.
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印度新德里263 則投稿
2019年11月 • 好友旅行
This is a must visit attraction of Mukteshwar which shouldn't be missed . The history of this banglow is directly related to Jim Corbett himself . And one can stay in the property too having prior booking . The Himalayan peaks are very clearly visible from here till Nepal . Such beauty isn't visible from Any point . The height of this place is around 7500 feet . Nanda devi peaks and almora are in straight line of sight . The details of all the visible peaks are also mentioned from the view point which is very educative for young kids .
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印度昌迪加2,240 則投稿
2019年6月 • 好友旅行
This place is walking distance from the temple and is also famous as a resting spot for Jim Corbet.
We spent about half an hour here, soaking in the view, strolling in the gardens outside. The place provides a panoramic view of the Himalayan ranges, and on a clear day, you can see most of them. The lawns are well maintained and one can easily spend quality time here
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印度密拉特縣1,051 則投稿
2019年7月 • 家庭式
As name suggesting,it's inspection house of British era.also famous for stay of Jimcorbett.
Perhaps provide best panasonic view from early morning to late evening.
Prior permission to stay is also not easy to get.
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印度新德里402 則投稿
2019年6月 • 家庭式
As heard lots from friends of view and history attached to Mr Jim Corbett stay here.. Just walk from Mukeshwar dhaam to inspection bunglows (now guest house of GMVN) just visit there outside area as opened for public... Nice zero point to look for valley and Himalay... Stay there 30 minutes enjoy th e view and promise to stay in next visit.
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Deb Sengupta
印度新德里31 則投稿
Place is with 180 degree Himalayn view. Another fact is Jim Corbett stayed here in 1929, very peaceful too
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