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Pune259 則投稿
Fort which is known for Swami Ramdas. A small little for near to Satara town. Vehicle can go upto halfway. Need to climb few steps to reach the main entrance. You get to see various belongings of Swami Ramdas, his Samadhi. The views from the fort are stunning, especially in monsoon. If you reach between 12noon to 1:30pm, the samadhi trust distributes prasad as well.
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Akshay Sharma
印度新德里8,984 則投稿
This was an old fort but what is now known is for Swami Ramdas temple and scholars studying his teaching. There are no remnants of fort except for the entrance. Inside there is a temple and a hostel for the learners. There is an old temple about a km away from the main temple of Swamy Ramdas. However, one should visit this temple, because the views enroute of the Urkadi dam are breathtaking.
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Senthilvel D
印度Chennai District1 則投稿
2021年2月 • 夫妻情侶
Dear All,
I visited the holy shrine of Saint Ramdas Samadhi mandir on 26/Feb/21 alongwith my wife. It was a full moon day and had good darshan of Gurus samadhi and had prasad as lunch served by temple free of cost. Very vibrant place to visit only upon his call!
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Vinay Kadam
印度普納4 則投稿
As the name suggests, the meaning of Sajjangad is ‘The fort of Good People’. Sajjangad was the last resting place of Sant Ramdas Swami. Sajjangad was a part of The Great Maratha Empire. This is one of the must visit forts near Satara city.

The delicious food, also called ‘Mahaprasad’, is served in the afternoon with the chanting of mantra, “जय जय रघुवीर समर्थ (Jai Jai Raghuveer Samarth)”. You should not miss that. If you want to do spiritual practice, you will get free accommodation at Sajjangad Fort. It’s more of a Spiritual Place rather than a tourist place or a picnic spot.

This is one of the best tourist places to visit in Satara with family and children. There are around 150 steps. So it will take around 15 min of walk to reach the top of the fort from the parking place.

There are many beautiful viewpoints at Sajjangad such as Lord Ram Temple, Lord Hanuman Temple. The rainy season is the best time to visit this fort as you can see many scenic views of Urmodi Dam from the top of the Sajjangad.

How to reach:
Sajjangadh is 16 km away from Satara Bus Depot. Also, don’t forget to add Ajinkyatara Fort in your itinerary as it is on the same route. Also after visiting the Sajjangad Fort you can head up to the beautiful Thoseghar Waterfall.
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Kulkarni Tejas
印度普納5 則投稿
Hello friends. I have visited sajjangad on 7th March 2020 with my family. The place which I had visited once in my childhood. The first thing I want to mention here is that Sajjangad is not the place where you want to visit as a tourist and picnic spot, trekking or for fun. The place is strictly for your spiritual and religious purpose only. Another thing is there is free accommodation available on the fort with basic needs but you can stay only if you have any spiritual practice want to follow. This place will look more beautiful in monsoon or rainy season. I will prefer to club near by two and three tourist place rather than staying in the night. There is much more scope to improve bus frequency. Transportation facility is lesser available. Two trusts are operating all the functions of the fort and their behavior is like they are rivals of each other. The tour is spiritual treat can go with family. If you have any old age person in the family make sure they are fit enough to climb stairs, a normal man can take 15 to 20 minutes to climb.
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Santosh M
36 則投稿
2020年1月 • 家庭式
Pilgrimage trip to sajjangad was awesome, Prasad by the mandir trust is superb.good facility of toilets, only 150 steps from the parking place
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印度阿默達巴德311 則投稿
It is a really good place to visit with friends. it is an iconic place for Satara. this lot of people are coming to visit this place.
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印度普納2,025 則投稿
First I visited Sajjangadh fort in 1992, visited temple had prasad & left without any idea of view points on this fort. This time I visited on 15th November, first I inquired about the view points. I followed the local's advice for sightseeing.

I was amazed with the spectacular views of dams, valleys, mountains & sunset.

From Pune, Sajjangadh is at 120 km distance. Pune to Satara is 105 km & from Satara to Sajjangadh is 15 km. Sajjangadh is located on Satara Thoseghar route.

Pune Satara route has toll post at:
1. Khedshivapur & charges Rs.95 for one way & Rs.145 for two way.
2. 15 km before Satara & charges Rs.70 for one way & Rs.95 for two way.

A) Timings Of Sajjangadh Fort
5 am to 9 pm

B) Parking At Sajjangadh Fort
There are two parking areas
i) One In front of the food stalls - it is free
ii) One adjacent to the starting point of the steps to fort - it is paid
NB: I have attached the photos of both the parking areas plus the chart of parking charges on hourly basis.

C) Fort Trek Route
It is a 10 to 15 minutes leisure walk thru steps from start to end
The route provides few scenic views.

D) On Fort
There are temples, samadhi of Ramdas Swami the religious spiritual guru of great maratha warrior Shivaji.

Temple is very clean, serene & peaceful.

Prasad is served free in the temple during:
a) 12.00 pm to 1.30 pm
b) 9 pm till their wish

There is parayan (religious spiritual recitation) during 5 am to 9 am & 6 pm to 9 pm.

Bhaktnivas (place to stay) is also there for stay of such devotees who are interested in parayan. It is a ground plus 2 storey building.

Temple trust doesn't charge any money to devotees for their stay but they accept graciously the monetary donation from the devotees.

It is not a independent accommodation system but a dormitory like a system where 5 individuals are allowed to stay in one room. Three from the family in one room.

None of the rooms have attached toilet instead there is common toilet & bathroom facility on both side of each floor.

Toilet facility is there near to Bhaknivas.

MTDC resort board is there at the start of the steps on right side.

E) View Points

There is a walkaway - a good tiled footpath on the complete periphery of the fort. One round at leisure walk will take less than 1 hour to complete your sightseeing of spectacular views from the fort.

There is way thru the temple to go on back side of the temple. Hanuman temple is located on the left side corner. The moment you come out of the temple on back side, you will get a stunning views of dam water, mountains, valleys, & sunset. I was stunned to see such a spectacular impressive striking views of the nature.

I have attached photos taken from this view point. Please have a look at the photos to see the spectacular striking views.

This is a must place to visit in Satara.

I visited following places in Satara on 15th Nov 2019:

1. Kaas Pathar
2. Thoseghar Waterfall
3. Sajjangadh Fort

This trip gave me most pleasant feelings.
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印度Satara4 則投稿
2019年3月 • 家庭式
Do visit Sajjangad during your Satara trip. Distance approx. 18 kms from Satara city. Facilities available for accomidation.
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Ashok Ganapathy Iyer
阿拉伯聯合大公國沙迦1,468 則投稿
2019年1月 • 家庭式
Jai Jai Raghuveera Samartha 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 a four hour drive from Lonavala on the Satara highway, a spiritual gem of Maharashtra constructed by Shivaji Maharaj for his Master, Sant Ramadas Maharaj
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