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香港87 則投稿
10月下旬到來參觀中野紅葉山是最好的時間 自駕遊要盡量提早出門因為停車場車位有限 輪候需時 車子等候太多可以考慮在附近的Lawson便利店短泊 覺得尷尬可以進去買少少東西
進門口的位置有很多小攤子擺買小食 很有特色 這裡啲紅葉風景是非常值得一訪的 雖然比弘前公園的楓葉祭還是差一截 但是因為他有橋又有溪水 襯托起火紅的楓樹 攝影發燒友不會寂寞 在這裏逗留一個小時應該很足夠
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新加坡新加坡874 則投稿
As we were staying in Hirosaki, we took an 9.10am bus from Hirosaki Bus terminal, platform 2 (670 yen one way). The bus arrives in Kuroishi station at 9.55am and we purchase return bus tickets at the Bus Office for Nakano Jinjamae station (1,040 yen return). This bus departs at 10am from platform 1, hence, please hurry!

After spending 1 hour plus at this beautiful sight with autumn hues (went 10/28 but its still a little early this year, maybe another 4-5 days later would be better?).

We took the return bus from Nagano Jinjamae at 12.10pm (next bus is at 6.10pm !!!) for Kuroishi station, arriving 12.40pm. Then the bus for Hirosaki leaves 10 mins later at 12.50pm - perfect!

The whole trip takes about 4 hours plus though this place is not very huge, in fact, can be seen within 1 hour or so. Worth it if you are free and this place has autumn Maples-but make sure your timing is better.
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新加坡新加坡88 則投稿
Nakano Momijiyama is a typical combination of a wheel chair, child and elderly friendly park within a shrine compound located at foothill of a low mountain that is surrounded by a clear stream. Beyond the shrine is the hidden hill that has well worn paths to reach what gave the name momijiyama which literally translate to red leaf mountain.

Lets start with getting there. Nakano momijiyama cannot be reached by train. The nearest carpark is located outside the farmer's corporation market, about 3 to 5mins walk away. There is a need to cross the road that seem to lead to a housing cluster but directional signs are marked to lead on to the shrine entrance.

Before reaching the shrine entrance, one can already see the Nakano park that is famously surrounded by the stream that surrounds part of the park before cutting through it.

Entering the park requires no fees and one would first be greeted by a toji gate and the various stalls that sell local and typical japanese shrine fun fair festive food. Beyond the stalls is a long fleet of stairs with the toilets on one side. At the bottom of the stairs, one would be surrounded by many maple trees. 2 of which are more than 200 years old. In late october or 1st of Nov, these 2 trees will be full of red leaves. When i arrived on the 23rd of Oct, these 2 trees were still green although more than half the park's trees are already in flame colours. Under these two trees are tea pavilions for autumn. One can make reservations to dine there or if they are empty, take off the shoes and enjoy the cool breeze, the serenity of the soft sunlight shaded by the trees and the sound of a waterfall and running stream (see photo).

Crossing the bridge located to the left of these 2 trees as seen from the stairs is the park where the maple trees are low and by 23rd Oct, already in flaming colours. On the opposite side of the park is another fleet of stairs and a ramp that leads to the shrine. Listen to the whistles of the wind, climb the stairs and enjoy the atmosphere of autumn.

At the shrine, one can see numbers that represent points of interest. This is the hidden gem of nakano momijiyama. There are 2 paths for one to take. The path on the right when facing the shrine is marked with a 2 and requires one to cross a small bridge to start. This path requires decent shoes as its all dirt path with steep up slopes and down slopes. It can be slippery after a night of rain. The other path starts from behind the shrine to the left. This path is the shorter and direct path to the middle plateau of momijiyama where in the last days of October or first 2 days of November, the plateau that is filled with maple trees that turn the canopy into a sea of flaming colours. By 23rd of Oct, i was too early and the leaves were mainly still green.

The plateau has plenty of space for picnic and is also pretty breezy. I would believe it would make a lovely place for brunch, especially with apples from the nearby apple farms and other food procurable from the park entrance.

Spending 2-4 hours during the day time is normal but also remember to return at night for the night light up that starts around the last week of Oct until the end of the first week of Nov.

Nakano Momijiyama is definitely a place to visit during autumn but due to the large variation of maple leaf colour change, a good date to start would be around 26th of Oct with the peak around 29 or 30th Oct and the beyond peak where some trees become bare around 3rd Nov.

Hope the review was useful

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新加坡新加坡1,080 則投稿
We arrived on 20Oct2018 there are some color perhaps another week or 2 will be peak. Return bus stop is a bit far and no shelter at all. We arrive at the Train station 15 min behind the bus hence took a Taxi for 3000 Yen, It is still worth the visit despite all the way from Sendai to Hirosaki then train to Kroishi and bus /Taxi ...When it is peak will be wonderful
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